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We draw our ingredients from Mother Earth. And we draw our inspiration from the women before us who have cried, fought, hustled and dreamed to bring their visions to reality.

Superfood Blends

We were meant to thrive - not just survive

Our potent superfood blends are designed for every day use, contain no added sugar, and fit easily into any busy and active lifestyle. Whisk into a latte, add to smoothies, sprinkle on your oatmeal and chia bowls, or enjoy over ice!


Superfood latte blends


Pure Artisanal Cacao


Ritual Products & Accessories

The Team

Who We Are

We are two sisters, mothers, and best friends. Pacha Powder Organics was born out of our search for caffeine alternatives to fuel our busy and active lifestyles. 

Only The Good Stuff

raw cacoa
Rieshi mushrooms growing on tree
raw matcha