January 24th, 2023

Cacao and Spirituality

Cacao is known for its grounding nature. It can help us reconnect to the earth, inspire us to be in the present and to slow down.

Here are some ways in which cacao can help with our spirituality.

1. Cacao opens the heart allowing us to connect with ourselves, others, and our environment

2. Cacao heightens meditation by opening the gateway to our inner spirit and wisdom. It allows up to focus and be present.

3. Cacao enhances energy flow through our bodies. Theobromine found in cacao gives us a longer and softer energy boost that we can carry with us through our day.

4. Cacao clarifies your mentality by increasing our self awareness. Allowing our creativity and talents to present themselves and presenting our true gifts.

5. Cacao brings peace by allowing you to be calm and present, good energy flowing in and negative energy flowing out of your body

6. Cacao heals the soul by bringing awareness to things that have been holding you back and allowing you to give yourself the love and strength to let go

7. Cacao is also rich in minerals which act as strengthening and nourishing agents. They shield our cells, and ultimately our energy from any negativity or dense energy.

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