By consciously engaging with ceremonial cacao during your monthly cycle we can support our bodies on many levels:
and with Nutrients we may be lacking

During our Early Follicular Phase Cacao may help:

Iron Boost: essential for healthy blood flow during menstruation and replenishes the body's iron stores
Cramp Relief: high magnesium levels help relieve muscle cramps
Mood Support: anandamide "the bliss molecule" boosts mood and promotes feelings of well being
Energy Boost: a natural source of caffeine and theobromine

During our Late Follicular Phase Cacao may help:

Antioxidant Support: natural antioxidants can help protect the body from oxidative stress, which can impact ovarian health and fertility
Blood Flow Support: flavonoid content can improve blood flow and circulation, essential for optical nutrient delivery to the ovaries and uterus
Grounding: with an increase in energy and a rise in estrogen, a cacao ritual can help guide our inspirations

During our Ovulation Phase Cacao may help:

Energy Boost: natural sources of caffeine and theobromine can be helpful for women who experience fatigue
Hormone Regulation: containing estrogen and progesterone, cacao can ensure that the body is functioning properly and that the egg is released on time
Mood Support: promoting a sense of well-being can counteract stress which can impact fertility
Heart Opener:  with cacao we can be connected to our partners more deeply, this energy can also be directed to creative projects in other areas of our lives

During our Luteal Phase Cacao may help:

Mood Boost: as estrogen drops in this phase, anandamide can help increase our sense of well-being
Craving Control: flavonoids can help reduce cravings for sweet foods. Many women may have increase cravings during this phase
Calcium Support: a natural source of calcium, cacao can support bone health and alleviate early cramping

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