January 03, 2023

Happy New Year! As we settle into the first few days of 2023, we already feel a collective lightness from leaving 2022 behind. It was a powerful time of transformative change for many people. We have found we are wanting not to set a series of resolutions, but rather commit ourselves to living this year unapologetically and with authenticity.
Cacao is the perfect tool to facilitate change and to become in tune with what feeds you on a soul level. The next time you sit with your cacao, give yourself some time and space to journal for a few minutes.
What was my biggest accomplishment in 2022?
What can I leave behind?
What can I bring forward into this New Year?
What is my personal mantra for 2023?

Cacao is a heart opener, and can bring emotions to the surface. Sit with this, and let the cacao guide you.

Ceremonial Cacao New Years Recipe:
25-35grams Ceremonial Cacao
½ tsp Ashwagandha
½ tsp Maca root
Dash of cinnamon
Dash of Cardamon
Dash of chilli or cayenne
1 tsp Honey
6-8oz Hot (not boiling) water
Place all ingredients in blender for 20-30 seconds. Pour into your favourite ritual mug. Take your time, sip with intention, and journal what comes through.

We wish everyone all the best for 2023!
With love,
Simone and Caitlin

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