April marks our first year of business as Pacha Powder Organics.

Pacha Powder Organics was brought to life through two mothers who were each at crossroads. Simone had just finished treatment for breast cancer, and Caitlin had finished her second year of maternity leave in two years. Both were looking for coffee and alcohol alternatives, searching for something to replace the caffeine jitters, but still wanting a morning ritual that went beyond simply tea, and a nighttime wind down that didn’t include the habitual glass or two of wine. We became obsessed with Cacao, Matcha, functional mushrooms and adaptogens. The blends quickly formed themselves, and then Ceremonial Cacao became the spotlight for its high level of antioxidants and countless benefits. Legend has it that Mama Cacao will present herself when one is ready.

Pacha Powder Organics is more than just superfood ingredients, it’s now a community, bringing people together to share these incredible offerings from the earth.

The vision is strong; to craft an AM or PM ritual that will leave you feeling uplifted, connected and inspired.

We are so proud of how far we have come and excited for what’s ahead!

xo Simone and Caitlin

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