We love our Sunrise Matcha Blend and we want to make sure it stays as fresh as possible once it gets home to where ever you call home. We want to ensure that your matcha doesn’t lose it’s vibrant green colour, overall freshness, and potent health benefits.

We want to First, here are matcha’s worst enemies (avoid at all cost!)

  1. Oxygen
  2. Moisture
  3. Heat/UV Light

Here are some tips for keeping your matcha fresh:

  1. Consume your Matcha as fast as possible
    • don’t open your matcha until you are ready to use it. Once you open that package, your matcha will start to lose its freshness
    • consumed opened matcha within 1-3 months
    • bulk buying and concerned about running out? Store UNOPENED  matcha in a Tupperware or other airtight containers in the freezer
  2. Keep that Oxygen out!
    • open your package when you are ready to make it and seal it as soon as you can. Minimized the amount of time it is exposed to oxygen.
    • always use clear, dry utensils when portioning
    • because matcha is so finely ground there is more surface area and it is more prone to oxidization
  3. Keep it Airtight!
    1. make sure your packaging is sealed completely
    2. your packaging should be airtight and opaque to block out any sunlight
    3. airtight containers will not only keep your matcha fresh but will help avoid clumping or drying out
  4. Store matcha in a cool dark place
    • matcha really wants to live in your cool, dark pantry where the temperature stays consistent
    • live somewhere hot and humid? Try the fridge (the fridge is a great option however matcha can pick up tastes and smells from food around it. It can also pick up moisture from the fridge if it is not properly sealed or left too long. If your matcha does live in the fridge make sure you let it get up to room temperature before you use it!)

Happy Whisking!

Simone and Caitlin

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