Ceremonial Cacao – Entre Nubes Origin


This is chocolate in its most pure, naked form. Known as “food of the Gods” by the ancient Greeks, cacao is a plant medicine used for thousands of years by many cultures, particularly the Mayans, Aztecs and Olmecs.

The Origin Entre Nubes is produced by a collective under the name FEDECOVERA. Located in the north of Guatemala. FEDECOVERA is owned by small producers organized in First level cooperatives; which integrates social, economic, environmental and inclusive sustainability.

FEDECOVERA takes its origin from the Q’eqchi and Poqomchi cultures which belong to the Ancestral Mayan Culture. Since 1976, FEDECOVERA’s mission is to help its farmers to have better living conditions while always respecting and protecting their culture. All FEDECOVERA’s producers are Q’eqchi or Poqomchi and speak their own language.

Their working methods are inspired by this Mayan culture: the way of cultivating the fields and the way of taking care of the Nature are parts of our History. They have to pay attention to our environment and to give the tools to the farmers to protect the gifts that we received thousands of years ago.

Entre Nubes means ‘Between Clouds´ which represents the meaning of Coban and its region in Alta Verapaz, a lush treeitory between mountains and clouds. A slight coffee aroma can be detected amongst its smooth, complex and buttery flavour