Palo Santo Bundle


Ethically Sourced Peruvian Palo Santo bundled with clear quartz and a pheasant feather.

Use this Palo Santo kit to clear negativity, manifest positive energy and allow the spirit of the pheasant to guide you to your true skills and talents.

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) Wood is known as ‘holy wood’. Certified ethical-origin from Peru and only collected from naturally-fallen trunks and branches. Burn this wood with intention and gratitude and allow the aromatic wood to aid in meditation.

Pheasant feather: symbolized as a gift, the pheasant feather is here to guide you towards your true talents, skills and creativity.

Clear Quartz: can help with enhancing mental clarity, emotional stability and aid in restorative work during meditation.

Burning Instructions:
To ignite your Palo Santo use a candle, match or lighter. Hold the stick at around a 45-degree angle down to the flame to avoid the heat going straight to your hand. Allow the stick to burn for half a minute to a minute and extinguish the fire by blowing it out. The stick will then release a fragrant smoke for energy cleansing.
*** never leave the lit or smoking stick unattended and place in a fire safe bowl when not in use.
*** do not use around birds, babies or people sensitive to smoke